Scaling and Polishing

Scaling and Polishing

Scaling and polishing one of the easiest ways, to get rid of tooth decay, protection from gingivitis, and oral disease, for the best result of teeth whitening it’s necessary first to properly clean the teeth, and that’s what you will get, at Shiny White Centers by Dr. Shady Ali Hussein “Consultant and Professor of Endocons”, at the Faculty of Dentistry Ain Shams.

  • Teeth whitening

Teeth bleaching aims to whiten the outer layer of the teeth, which is called “tooth enamel”, a non-surgical procedure that restores teeth to their natural color, by removing pigments resulting from yellowing of the teeth, which is less expensive than any other type of cosmetic treatment, by whitening the teeth at Shiny White centers get rid of pigmentation, stains, and natural aesthetic shape for your smile within hours.


  • The Common reason for changing tooth color to yellow:  


Smoking cigarettes.

Excessive caffeine-like “tea and coffee”.

Lack of health care for the teeth, which leads to the formation of tartar, plaque, and other deposits.

The assumptions in the use of toothpaste, which contains the substance fluoride.

Breathing through the mouth, not the nose, which leads to dry mouth and insufficient salivation.

Eating unhealthy food.

Frequent intake of antibiotics.

All these factors work on yellowing the teeth, and therefore all dentists are advised to cleaning the teeth at least every 6 months.

  • Cleaning teeth:

Dental cleaning is the removal of accumulated calcareous deposits on the surface of the teeth from the outside and the inside.

 The benefits of cleaning teeth:

It improves oral health and protects teeth from defects and falls.

Removes deposits of plaque.

Restores teeth to their natural color.

It eliminates harmful bacteria and eliminates bad odors resulting from the accumulation and growth of bacteria in the mouth.

It prevents teeth from decay and prevents gingivitis and bleeding.

Strength points at shiny white centers:

Using a Digital 3d x-ray makes it easy to identify pockets and affected teeth.

The special ultrasonic device used with the antimicrobial irrigation eliminates bacteria.

Pain-free treatment ensured

What to expect?

Slight sensitivity is natural after the treatment so don’t be alarmed

Little gum bleeding is expected, so just follow the medications prescribed and maintain oral hygiene measures


To get clean, beautiful, natural-looking teeth in one sitting, you should go for the best place to clean and whiten teeth in Egypt and the Middle East … Shiny White Centers.


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