Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric dentistry is the solution to protect your children’s teeth from all dental problems, whether tooth decay, gingivitis, pulpitis, and the other problems associated with them, at Shiny White Centers by Dr. Shady Ali Hussein “Consultant and Professor of Endocons, at the Faculty of Dentistry Ain Shams, you will ensure immediate dental pain treatment in the best dental treatment at Egypt and the Middle East.

When should I start taking my child to the dentist?

There are several problems that your child can face from the appearance of the first tooth, after 6 months of birth, until all the teeth appear after 24 months, one of the first problems that many children suffer from is caries, which results in several other problems, so caries is the beginning for any problem that causes tooth pain later, therefore, you must from the beginning, visit the dentist at shiny white centers, to ensure the safety and health of your children.

Problems that a child needs to visit a kid’s dentist at shiny white centers: 

  • Pulpitis

Pulpotomy or pulpectomy- Teeth with caries that infiltrated into the pulp causing pain and discomfort to the child should have the pulp partially or completely removed, just like a normal adult root canal treatment reduces pain and removes the infection, traumatized or fractured teeth sometimes need to be treated by pulpectomy and covered by a crown, and the child then feels severe pain while eating.

How to diagnose pulpitis at Shiny White Centers:

  • Determine tooth movement, sensitivity, and contact.
  • Examination of the teeth with the surrounding tissues.
  • Check the reaction on thermal exposure.

When treating pulpitis in children at Shiny White Centers, it eliminates the infection permanently, and prevents the occurrence of gum disease, because, among the problems caused by caries also, gingivitis that occurs as a result of the entry of bacteria from the root of the tooth to the surrounding tissues and the bones become inflamed.

Symptoms of gingivitis: – severe pain – high temperature – and sometimes swelling in the cheek.

  • Space maintainer

After having a baby tooth extracted, a space maintainer should be used to preserve the missing space and to avoid the neighboring teeth from tilting or rotating into that space, there are two types of a space maintainer, the dentist at Shiny White Centers determines the best fit for your child.

  • Advantages of Space maintainer at shiny white centers:

Not satisfied with the gums – Simple in design – inexpensive – Easy to clean – Preventing the contralateral teeth or displacement of adjacent teeth – Not hindering the permanent eruption of the tooth – Not hindering the normal growth and development of the jaws – Not obstructing speech and chewing.

  • Child’s stainless-steel crown

Zircon crowns or stainless-steel crowns- Carious teeth that show great destruction should be covered by a crown to prevent tooth extraction, extracting the tooth early may cause the erupting teeth to misaligned and rotate which creates bite and appearance problems.

Crowns should also be used after a pulpotomy or a pulpectomy has been done to provide durability and prevent the tooth fracture.

Zircon crowns are preferred in the anterior region as the offer a more natural appealing look with affecting the child’s confidence.

  • General Anesthesia for Pedodontics

The best solution for treating children’s dental problems, because it guarantees your child’s comfort, at shiny white centers we don’t use general anesthesia, before full confirmation of the child’s health condition, the dentist determines the appropriate dose for his health condition and age.

All global health organization has proven that general anesthesia for a child is not harmful to his health, beginning at the age of two a half year.

  • Advantages of general anesthesia for children at shiny white centers:

– Solve the problem in one session.

– Your child doesn’t feel any pain.

  • Why shiny white centers are the best for your Children

A shiny white centers, we care about cerate incredible atmosphere by:

-Having the child sit in a comfortable environment, with their favorite cartoon running to increase the child’s comfort.

-A child suitable dental chair with colors all around.

-Pain-free and child-friendly environment.

To ensure the safety and health of your child’s teeth, you can book now, and enjoy the advantages of our Children’s Dental Services at Shiny White Centers.



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