Orthodontics is the perfect solution to ensure an attractive permanent smile free from all problems at Shiny White Centers by Dr. Shady Ali Hussein “Consultant and Professor of Endocons, at the Faculty of Dentistry Ain Shams.

you will get orthodontics at the best orthodontic prices in Egypt and the Middle East.

Orthodontics move the teeth from their place gradually to become consistent, straight, healthy teeth, therein actually no age limit for someone to get orthodontics.

  • Cases that require orthodontics:

Usually, any problems with the patient’s bite can cause unwanted headaches, joint pain to the jaws, and clicking sounds when opening or closing the mouth.

-Overbite (over-jet)- A condition where the upper teeth protrude forward to the lower teeth.

-Crowding- Crooked or crowded teeth require orthodontic treatment to straighten them out and provide more space. Crowding causes a lack of space for erupting teeth leading to impactions.

-Underbite- Lower teeth protruding forward to the upper teeth due to undergrowth of the lower jaw or overgrowth of the upper jaw.

-Open bite- A condition where most of the front does not touch on closure due to mouth breathing, tongue thrusting, or finger sucking as a child.

-Impacted teeth- Trapped teeth in the jaw that do not erupt fully due to lack of space should be corrected.

-Diastema closure- Space between the upper front teeth that affect appearance and speech.

-Occlusal adjustment- Problems with bite associated teeth such as the upper or lower molars due to extractions or over erupting molars.

  • How we treat your teeth by Orthodontics at Shiny White centers: 

First, the dentist at Shiny White centers begins with a complete examination of the 3D x-ray, & plaster mood to help clarify the problem, diagnose it accurately and choose the treatment plan and the appropriate evaluation for the patient.

  • Types of orthodontics:

-Fixed Orthodontics: The most frequently, used type of orthodontics consists of supports, that stick to the external surface of each tooth, and then connect with others with metal wires.

  • Moving Orthodontics: It is the least used type, as it treats minor dental problems such as (slight tooth warp or thumb sucking problems).

And also, you can use it as Refrainer is not allowed to remove it except when eating or cleaning teeth since it is worn for 22 hours a day, and it’s also used after fixed orthodontics to obtain more accurate results.

  • Advantages of Orthodontics at Shiny White Centers: –

-To have a consistent, healthy, and attractive dental appearance.

-To Speak more clearly.

-Ease of chewing and cleaning teeth, protecting you from dental caries, and gum problems, because harmonious teeth are easy to clean.

What to expect?

Duration of orthodontic treatments vary from case to case according to the severity of the malocclusion and bone density

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