dental implants

Dental implants

Dental implants are the perfect solution for replacing a missing tooth, Shiny White Centers are the largest dental implants Center in Egypt and the Middle East, by Dr. Shady Ali Hussein “Consultant and Professor of Endocons, at the Faculty of Dentistry Ain Shams

Here is the best way to get a beautiful smile without surgery, within hours, you get an integrated smile and strong teeth, at Shiny White Centers, the dental implants process is the best way and best prices for dental implants in Egypt

What are dental implants:

Dental implants are the largest development of dentistry, because it dealt with the problem of tooth loss effectively and securely, through dental implants that replace old teeth, It’s the best solution to obtain natural teeth and restore the appearance of your smile, dental implants allow you to live the way you want to, sound way of speaking, ease of eating and chewing, they made of material The titanium which stimulates the implant into the bone without feeling like a foreign body.

Why are Shiny White centers the best place for dental implants in Egypt and The Middle East?

  • Dental implants used are the most elite implant system in the Middle East in the world, Straumann Medentika, the no. 1 leading German implant technology which ensures optimum Osseointegration in the bone in the fastest time possible with the high success rate.
  • Dental implants are made from pure titanium that enables the bone to grow within its structure to provide stability and durability.
  • Dental implant paves the way for esthetic crowns placement for a more natural appearance.
  • Using highly sterilized and advanced instruments.
  • The patient sits in a comfortable dental chair with their favorite tv show running in front of them.

The success of a dental implant at shiny white centers from 95% to 98%

How to implant teeth in Shiny White:

At Shiny White centers, we start by making sure of your general health through a comprehensive examination, to ensure the health of your teeth and the density of the jawbone to ensure the success of implants inside the jaw and if any health problem is found, it is dealt with before starting the implant. After making sure of your health, dental implantation is done most easily and safely.

First: – We prepare the appropriate place for the implant to place the Medentika implant made of titanium in place of the lost bone.

Second: – Bone fusion, where the jawbone and implant heal, followed by the placement of temporary crowns until the implants are installed and the permanent makeup is put in place to get a wonderful appearance and a complete smile.

Advantages of dental implants at Shiny White centers

At Shiny White centers, you get permanent teeth, because they merge with the jawbones to give you a natural appearance and color.

Facilitates the process of speaking and chewing.

– Shiny White centers guarantee you the stability of teeth, so you can feel safe while talking and laughing.

– Obtaining an attractive smile, at Shiny White Centers we strive to change your life for the better, not just your smile!

With Shiny White dental implants without pain and the success rate is up to 98% to last with you for nearly 25 years, but taking into account the patient’s concern for his health and his interest in the cleanliness of his teeth and taking good care of them, to obtain the best results, dental care and oral cleaning must be done regularly.


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