Cosmetic Restorations

Cosmetic Restorations

To permanently whiten teeth, get a beautiful Hollywood smile, and get rid of yellow teeth, here are Veneers that your best solution, get now dental veneers in the best place for veneers to be installed in Egypt and the Middle East, at Shiny White Centers by Dr. Shady Ali Hussein “Consultant and Professor of Endocons”, at the Faculty of Dentistry Ain Shams.

Veneers known as the Hollywood smile are the best solution that addresses all apparent dental problems, veneers are thin strips of the color of the teeth, to cover the front surface of the teeth to change the size, shape, color or length, to beautify their appearance, and they are designed to permanently adhere to the teeth, and are made This veneer is specific to the shape of the teeth.

Why are dental veneers installed?

The veneers are installed to treat many problems like,

Change in tooth color.

Treating damaged teeth.

Treating broken or irregularly shaped teeth.

Treatment of gaps “spaces” between the teeth.

Reasons for installing veneers at Shiny White Centers:

-Our dental veneers offer an optimum and excellent function to our patients as they resemble their natural teeth.

-Hide any defect in the appearance of the teeth, if, the patient is concerned with broken or small-sized teeth.

-It looks natural, and gum tissue deals well with it.

-Resistant to rust, which makes the teeth whiter.

-Fast and precise specialized operators using advanced technology to offer our patients the best treatment possible.

-Advanced computers for the designing and milling process to ensure the fastest treatment in the Middle East.

-Same-day Delivery Guaranteed.

Dental care after installing veneers:  

After installing the veneers, you should take care of your daily teeth and clean your teeth well, using a special toothbrush and medical paste for sensitive teeth, and to ensure the correct installation of the veneers and avoid all errors, please visit Shiny White Dental Centers.



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