All on 4 Dental implants

All on 4 Dental implants

Dental implantation is the best solution to get complete and beautiful teeth in one day at the best dental implant prices in Egypt, only at shiny white centers, the largest dental implant centers in Egypt and The Middle East by Dr. Shady Ali Hussein “Consultant and Professor of Endocons, at the Faculty of Dentistry Ain Shams, without surgery, within hours you will get full and healthy teeth.

At shiny white centers, you will get dental implants with the best methods and prices for dental implants in Egypt.

Features of All on 4 at Shiny White Centers:

All on 4 implies loading the jaw on only 4 implants, instead of loading on 8 or 10 implants, which guarantees you many advantages that you only get, at Shiny White centers, the largest dental implant centers in Egypt and the Middle East.

At Shiny White centers, we use the (Medentika) Dental implants used are the most elite implant system in the Middle East and the world, Medentika, the no.1 leading German implant technology which ensures optimum Osseointegration in the bone in the fastest time possible with high success rates.

Medentika implants provide a type of implant that is slanted so that it can be implanted at an angle of 45 degrees, and its exit is straight, which allows a very large area of ​​bone to be loaded on, one implant from Medentika replaces 4 regular implants so that 2 implants are in the back of the jaw with 8 implants and two straight implants in the front,

which guarantees you many advantages:

1 / Reducing the number of implants.

2 / Reducing the cost “replacing 8 implants with only 4 implants”

3 / Saving the cost of bone implants and no need for surgery, because we have a Medentika implant, which is implanted in the front area of ​​the jaw and comes out in the back region straight, so there is no need for a bone implant for the back teeth.

4 / You don’t undergo any surgery, because the 4 implants are implanted through a computerized surgical guide so that the implants are placed on the computer, and then the implants are made, which ensures that you will not undergo any surgery.

5 / Providing pain during and after the operation, and not experiencing any swelling resulting from the operation.

6 / Saving time, because “the dental implantation process on 4 implants in Shiny White centers is only 10 minutes.”

7 / With All on 4 technology, you get two teeth at the same time, and within 5 days after implantation, the temporary loading will take place, and you will get the final composition after 7 weeks of installation.

Result of dental implants using All ON 4 technology at Shiny White centers:

1 / Get out with very beautiful and natural teeth.

2 / Not feeling any pain.

3 / Treatment speed “10 minutes”

4 / Take off old teeth and get new teeth on the same day.

5 / Get permanent and fixed teeth.

6 / Have teeth that do not slip or fall while talking or eating.

7 / All on 4 technology is lower in cost and more in features.

All on 4 technology, is not available anywhere, because it is characterized by the professionalism that is not present at Shiny White centers, so we recommend that you go to Shiny White centers, the largest dental implant centers in Egypt and the Middle East, to get a healthy dental implant without any defects or pain.


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