1) For aesthetic reasons like discolored or stained teeth.

2) Teeth with slight spaces between them


1) After diagnosing the patient, the teeth to be treated are identified from the treatment plan created and the digital 3d x-ray.

2) Teeth are prepared using microscopes and loupes for higher magnifications and perfect minimal preparations to protect the tooth as much as possible.

3) After teeth preparation, an optical impression is taken using digital light scans which is much faster and clearer than the traditional impression taking process.

4) The crowns are then designed and milled using advanced computers from our own labs.

5) After their milling, the crowns are then fitted and tried out for the patient to analyze their appearance and shade

6) The crowns are then cemented in the patients mouth using rubber dams that isolate the saliva from the prepared tooth to increase their life time and durability.

Strength points:

1)  Our dental crowns and veneers offer optimum and excellent function to our patients as they resemble their natural teeth.

2) Highly esthetic crowns to offer that extra beauty and confidence.

3) Fast and precise specialized operators using advanced technology to offer our patients the best treatment possible.

4) Preparations done using microscopes and loupes which helps to protect the teeth by seeing enough details and keeping the tooth preparations to the minimum.

5) Digital light scans using the omnicam to capture the small details in the preparations which is much faster and clearer than the traditional impression taking process..

6) Advanced computers for the designing and milling process to ensure the fastest treatment in the Middle East.

7) Same day Delivery Guaranteed.