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Root Canal

It’s a treatment method aimed at cleaning the teeth from decay, bacteria and repairing the tooth, that was damaged or contaminated instead of removing it, the damage occurs as a result of tooth erosion due to a lot of decay, that penetrates the inner layers of the tooth and reaches the pulp, which is the inner layer where nerves and blood vessels meet, and the root canal treatment, It’s the only way to treat this condition before tooth infection and bone tissue damage.

to avoid tooth pain, you can visit now, At Shiny White Centers by Dr. Shady Ali Hussein “Consultant, Professor of Endocons and lecture of Root canal treatment, at the Faculty of Dentistry Ain Shams.

Root canal symptoms

    • Sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures.
    • Swelling of the face or neck.
    • A hole in the tooth.
    • Tooth pain when biting or chewing.

Why you should get a root canal treatment ?

  1. To relieve pain and headaches associated from a tooth that has been infected
  2. Infected pulp often leads to an abscess, which has to be treated as soon as possible to prevent tooth extraction.
  3. Accidents related traumas where the tooth has been fractured.
  4. Rotated or misaligned teeth should be root canal treated before placing a crown.

How we treat the roots at Shiny White centers :

  • Completely pain-free process
  • Endodontic microscopes, with great detail, and precision that offer up to 20 times magnification.
  • Digitally planning the entire treatment on computers, before beginning.
  • Sterile and isolated tooth environment to eliminate bacteria.
  • Cleaning the tooth from the inside, then filling the tooth with a special substance and sealing it tightly, and then placing the crown to maintain its integrity.
  • Single-visit treatments

The benefits of cleaning teeth :

  1. It improves oral health and protects teeth from defects and falls.
  2. Removes deposits of plaque.
  3. Restores teeth to their natural color.
  4. It eliminates harmful bacteria and eliminates bad odors resulting from the accumulation and growth of bacteria in the mouth.
  5. It prevents teeth from decay and prevents gingivitis and bleeding.

What to expect ?

Sometimes the specialized operator may increase the visits if the tooth has an abscess or pus involved.

Sensitivity is completely normal and chewing food on the treated tooth should be avoided 2 days after the treatment.
A slight swelling would be normal and if it happens, try to apply a cold pack on the side of the face where the tooth has been treated for 15 minutes on and off for 24 hours.

Root canal treatment is more than 95% effective, only at Shiny White centers, you can guarantee healthy and clean teeth, book your visit now