Pediatric Dentistry

  • Kids Dental Insurance:

Get your kids to join Shiny White’s dental care by enrolling in our dental insurance program which includes

Partial coverage on all kinds of dental treatments except orthodontics


9000 L.E


Full coverage on all dental treatments including orthodontics


20000 L.E


Grow your kids the right way with their complete dental care coverage.
  • What do we offer

    1. Zircon crowns or stainless steel crowns to cover up greatly destructed teeth instead of their early removal (extraction).
    2. Pulpotomy or pulpectomy- to partially or completely remove the pulp of a carious tooth causing pain and discomfort to your child.
    3. Space maintainer- to preserve the missing space after early tooth removal avoiding the neighboring teeth from tilting or rotating into that space.
  • What makes us special

  1. Having your child sit in a comfortable environment with their favorite cartoon running to increase your child’s comfort.
  2. A child suitable dental chair with colors all around.
  3. Pain free and child friendly environment.