Kids Dental Insurance:

Get your kids to join shiny white’s dental care by enrolling in our dental insurance program which includes

  • Partial coverage on all kinds of dental treatments except orthodontics
  • 9000 L.E
  • Full coverage on all dental treatments including orthodontics
  • 20000 L.E

Grow your kids the right way with their complete dental care coverage

General Knowledge
1.Zircon crowns or stainless steel crowns- Carious teeth that show great destruction should be covered by a crown to prevent the tooth extraction. Extracting the tooth early may cause the erupting teeth to mal align and rotate which creates bite and appearance problems. Crowns should also be used after a pulpotomy or a pulpectomy has been done to provide durability and prevent the tooth fracture. Zircon crowns are preferred in the anterior region as the offer more natural appealing look with affecting the child’s confidence.

2.Pulpotomy or pulpectomy- Teeth with caries that infiltrated into the pulp causing pain and discomfort to the child should have the pulp partially or completely removed. Just like a normal adult root canal treatment reduces pain and removes infection. Traumatized or fractured teeth sometimes need to be treated by pulpectomy and covered by a crown.

3.Space maintainer- After having a baby tooth extracted, a space maintainer should be used to preserve the missing space and to avoid the neighboring teeth from tilting or rotating into that space.

4.Orthodontics- Children with cross bites, open bites, rotated teeth, crowded teeth, or bite problems should visit our orthodontist.

Strength points:

  1. Having the child sit in a comfortable environment with their favorite cartoon running to increase the child’s comfort.
  2. A child suitable dental chair with colors all around.
  3. Pain free and child friendly environment.