veneer doesn’t damage your natural teeth by any means, it protects your natural teeth from further decaying, It’s a thin strip of porcelain that has a color like the color of the teeth, to cover the front surface of the teeth to change the size, shape, color or length, to beautify the appearance, and it has been designed to adhere to the teeth permanently, and these veneers are made specially according to the shape of the teeth and are not harmful to the health of the teeth at all Rather, it protects brittle teeth that may be broken at any time, so veneers act as a layer of protection for natural teeth. Advantages of installing veneers in Shiny White centers: - Hide any defect in the appearance of the teeth, if the patient is concerned with broken or small-sized teeth. - It looks natural, and gum tissue deals well with it. - Resistant to rust, which makes teeth whiter. To ensure the correct installation of veneers and avoid all errors, please visit Shiny White Centers, the best largest dental treatment institutions in Egypt, the Middle East.
Neglecting missing teeth affects the shape of the face, causes difficulty in eating, impedes proper speech, and causes many major health risks that can’t be underestimated, including: -Teeth tendency is adjacent to empty places. -Inflammation of the gums when eating solid foods for a long time. -Atrophy in the jawbone with a change in the shape of the face in case of tooth loss. -Teeth corresponding to the missing tooth begin to fall out. -The lost tooth affects the stomach and intestines when chewing food. That is why you should not neglect the loss of teeth, you should hurry as much as possible to go to visit the dentist at Shiny White centers, as soon as possible for restoring the health and shape of your mouth.
Teeth change color to yellow for several reasons, the most common of them - Cigarette smoking. Tobacco, whether smoked or chewed, contributes to tooth decay. - Excessive drinking of caffeine (tea and coffee). - Lack of healthy dental care, which leads to the formation of tartar, plaque, and other deposits. - Assumptions about the use of toothpaste that contains fluoride. - Breathing through the mouth, not the nose, which leads to dry mouth and insufficient saliva. - Eating unhealthy food. - Frequent intake of antibiotics. - Some diseases may contribute to changing the color of the teeth, affecting the enamel, "the hard surface of the teeth." - Eating more carbohydrates and sugars. All of these factors lead to yellowing of the teeth, and therefore all dentists recommend cleaning the teeth at least every 6 months, to get clean, beautiful teeth with natural radiance in one session, you must go to the best place for cleaning and whitening teeth in Egypt and the Middle East. We welcome you to Shiny White Centers.
At Shiny White centers, we start by making sure of your general health through a comprehensive examination, to ensure the health of your teeth and the density of the jawbone to ensure the success of implants inside the jaw and if any health problem is found, it is dealt with before starting the implant. After making sure of your health, dental implantation is done most easily and safely. First: We prepare the appropriate place for the implant to place the Medentika implant made of titanium in place of the lost bone. Second: Bone fusion, where the jawbone and implant heal, followed by the placement of temporary crowns until the implants are installed and the permanent makeup is put in place to get a wonderful appearance and a complete smile. At Shiny White centers, you get permanent teeth, because they merge with the jawbones to give you a natural appearance and color with facilitates the process of speaking and chewing. With Shiny White dental implants without pain and the success rate is up to 98% to last with you for nearly 25 years, but taking into account the patient’s concern for his health and his interest in the cleanliness of his teeth and taking good care of them. You can book your appointment at the nearest branch to you now.
Many reasons lead to tooth erosion, the most common - Using a hard-bristled toothbrush with severe brushing causes tooth erosion. - Using the teeth to break solid objects, whether foods or others, causes the teeth to weaken and eat. - Pressure on the teeth and friction with each other and what is meant here is the outer surface of the teeth, where some people do this habit without realizing its risks. - Eating too many acidic foods, which leads to corrosion of dental minerals such as lemons and oranges. - The occurrence of stomach disorders or problems with digestion, which causes reflux in the mouth, and people with these disorders are more likely to eat teeth, as the stomach acid that reaches the mouth affects dental health.
Many reasons lead to bad breath the most common Food: Food residues accumulated in the mouth, whether inside or around the teeth, cause bad breath, especially foods that contain Essential oil such as onions, garlic, and others. Dry mouth: The saliva in the mouth helps to clean the mouth constantly and when the mouth is dry, dead cells accumulate on the gums, on the inside of the cheeks, and the tongue and these cells rot and cause bad breath. Dental problems: Insufficient attention to oral health and dental hygiene causes many dental diseases due to the accumulation of food residues in the mouth and the germs accumulating on it, and from here the bad breath is released from hydrogen sulfide and thus a transparent layer of germs is formed on the teeth that cause some infections in the gums that lead To decay of the teeth and reach the occurrence of bags full of facets between the teeth and the gums. How to prevent bad breath - Cleaning the teeth after every meal to prevent the formation of food. - Drink extra water. - Tongue scrub and clean. - Completely clean the gums. - Change the toothbrush every 3 months at least - Take a regular and regular checkup at the dentist Therefore, when you feel the bad breath, you must go to visit the doctor at Shiny White Walkers and make sure of the safety of your oral health.
Many reasons lead to bleeding gums and therefore oral health care is the beginning of the prevention of gum disease because when tartar accumulates on the teeth, bacteria spread in the mouth, resulting in swelling and irritation of the gums and the occurrence of bleeding. Uneven teeth cause food debris to build up in the corners of the mouth, resulting in bleeding gums. Using a bristled toothbrush causes bleeding gums Vitamin C deficiency, resulting in swollen and bleeding gums Certain medications, such as aspirin, and other treatments, such as chemotherapy, can cause bleeding gums Drinking alcohol in large quantities causes bleeding gums and problems with digestion Therefore, you must take care of the health and cleanliness of your mouth to prevent exposure to bleeding gums, and to ensure the safety of your oral health, you can visit Shiny White now
Many rumors stating that orthodontics is a treatment for children only, but these rumors have no basis in health because orthodontics doesn’t have a specific age and is suitable for all ages, orthodontics is the ideal solution and treatment for most dental problems such as - Protrusion of the upper anterior teeth. - Crowded teeth. - Buried teeth. - Asymmetric teeth - Deep bite - The reverse bite - Open bite To get a consistent and healthy teeth appearance, talk more clearly, and chew food easily, you can visit Shiny White centers, book now in the branch nearest you.

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