Welcome to Shiny White


Our Mission is to provide high quality dental care that meets our patients needs following the international standards


Our vision is to be recognized as the best dental care providers.

Respect: We treat our patients, their families and visitors respectfully and cordiality

Staff Loyalty: Our staff is precious, they are our basis in providing high quality dental care and we cultivate their skills and abilities

Customer first: Our center always work to meet the needs of our customers and exceed all expectations

Self-development: We strive to be better every day

What to expect on the first visit to Shiny White Dental Center?

For International clients:

Reservations for the accommodations (Hotels) will be made by shiny white dental center to make it easier for international clients rather than spending too much time looking for a place to stay
Transportations to and from the clinic for the treatment visits is also available for the international clients. A car will also be available for the clients, the moment they arrive to take them to their accommodation

1)  An appointment is first scheduled by the call center and confirmed 24 hours before the visit

2) In case the patient would like to cancel the scheduled appointment, he or she should notify the center in a period not less than 24 hours.

3)  Upon arrival the patient receives a waiting number for the first step in diagnosis. The digital 3d x-ray or the Cone Beam CT scan is a crucial step in diagnosing the patient as it shows more than 40 % of the information needed including:

  •  Identifying Caries between teeth that are not visible to the human eye
  •  Identifying Abscess or Cysts that degenerates the bone underneath teeth
  • In case a root canal is needed, the scan shows the number of root canals affected and their curvature.
  • In case a dental implant is needed
    • The digital 3d x-ray is a useful tool for virtually placing an implant in the right position according to the implant’s size and angle.
    • Used to locate areas in bone to be augmented in case of bone resorption
    •  Directs the dentist for a non-surgical operation.
    •  Used to locate the Nasal sinuses to avoid any complications during implant placement.

4)  The patient’s vital signs are then assessed including hypertension, diabetes and heart rate. Vital signs assessment is an important step of the diagnosis as it affects the treatment plan process.