Dental Implant & Fixed Dentures

What are dental implants used for?

A dental implant is the perfect solution for replacing missing teeth while maintaining bone structure to regain your natural smile and youthful appearance.

What we offer

World-class consultants and implantologists, who are extremely skilled, friendly and experienced.

  1. A relaxed and soothing ambience that will make you feel at ease. You get to watch your favourite TV show or listen to your own playlist.
  2. State-of-the-art sterilized technology and equipment that will make your procedure efficient and as short as possible.
  3. Best implant systems worldwide.

What if you are extremely apprehensive?

We have a fully equipped anaesthesia room if it is needed our highly skilled and experienced implantologists will look after you through simple and complex procedure, guaranteeing minimal discomfort.

What makes us special?

  1. Shiny White dental centre was awarded the International Star Award “Golden Category” from Geneva, Switzerland which is the most Elite Quality award to be granted in the Middle East.
  2. Sterilization and Disinfection are done according to the Guidelines of the American Dental Association.
  3. Dental implants used are the most elite implant system in the Middle East and in the world, Straumann, the no.1 leading German implant technology with high success rate reaching 97%.
  1. Completely Pain-free procedure during and after the implant placement.
  2. Dental implant paves the way for esthetic crowns placement for a more natural appearance without the grey line under the crowns as seen in other types of implants. Esthetic crowns provide an astonishing change to facial appearance and restore your juvenile looks.