Cosmetic Restorations


  • What are Veneers used for?

Dental veneers are used to seal teeth gaps, cover discolored teeth and fillings and provide a level look to crammed teeth. In general, veneers will give you your sparkling smile back.

Crowns & inlays:

  • What are crowns used for?

  1. To cover advanced tooth destruction
  2. To cover root canal treated tooth to increase its strength and life time.
  3. For esthetic reasons for example; discoloured and stained teeth, crowded and short teeth and teeth with large fillings.
  4. Dental implant coverage with natural looking crowns.
  5. To replace missing teeth using dental bridges.
  6. Tooth fracture that cannot be fixed using dental fillings.
  • What makes us special

  1. Our dental inlays, crowns and veneers offer optimum and excellent function to you as they resemble your natural teeth.
  2. Highly aesthetic crowns to offer that extra beauty and confidence.
  3. Fast and precise specialized operators using advanced technology to offer you the best treatment possible.
  4. Preparations are done using microscopes and loupes, which help protect the teeth by seeing enough details and keeping the tooth preparations to the minimum.
  5. Digital light scans using the omnicam to capture the smallest details in the preparations which are much faster and clearer than the traditional impression-taking process..
  6. Advanced computers for the designing and milling process to ensure the fastest treatment in the Middle East.