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How dental implants are performed in Shiny White centers

How dental implants are performed in Shiny White centers

Dental implants are considered an alternative solution to replace lost teeth in the mouth, as they replace old teeth, it’s worth noting that neglecting missing teeth affects the shape of the face, causes difficulty in eating, and impedes proper speech, causes many major health risks that can’t be underestimated, Such as (the tendency of adjacent […]
تقويم الأسنان الحل النهائي لعلاج فراغات الأسنان

The ultimate solution for teeth spaces

Teeth spaces cause various problems, which affects their aesthetic appearance, their smile, the position of the teeth, and the integrity of the gums in general, and neglecting to treat the spaces between the teeth will lead to their curvature or deviation, which may lead to tooth loss later. Several factors that cause teeth spaces: 1 […]
اهمال علاج قناة الجذر يؤدي إلي فقدان السن!

Neglecting root canal treatment leads to losing your tooth!

Tooth decay is the beginning of every disease, that may affect the teeth in the short term, when the caries increases, the bacteria increase with it over time and reach the heart of the “tooth/molar”,  the presence of bacteria with caries if not treated leads to infection or tooth abscess, so if you suffer If […]

Abscessed Tooth Symptoms and dangers

Neglect of oral hygiene results in many diseases that pose a threat to the integrity of the teeth and the health of the gums, and a dental abscess is the most common disease resulting from the negligent treatment of tooth decay, and oral hygiene, its complications can lead to the loss of the affected tooth, […]

The alternative solution to losing jaw teeth!

Many people ignore the implantation of teeth to replace their lost teeth until they reach the point of losing most of the jaw teeth and exposing them to severe damage such as gingivitis, the decay of the remaining teeth, atrophy of the jawbones, until problems in the intestine and stomach due to chewing food incompletely. […]


To protect your teeth from the possibility of gum disease and oral infections, you must consume nutritious foods containing nutrients such as calcium, protein, and phosphorus, and apples are known to be one of the most beneficial foods for dental health. Because they contain a group of vitamins such as B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, […]
What are the benefits of rinsing the mouth with saltwater?

What are the benefits of rinsing the mouth with saltwater?

Saltwater rinse has many benefits for oral and dental health, to prevent gum disease and tooth decay, and is considered to be an affordable and natural remedy available in all homes, and one of the most efficient ways of confronting bacteria accumulated in the mouth as the saline does not encourage bacteria to multiply and […]
Caffeine the most common causes of yellow teeth

Caffeine the most common causes of yellow teeth

Teeth change color due to several factors, but the most common are drinks that contain caffeine, gradually changing the color of the teeth and neglecting their hygiene causes the continued development of the yellowing process of teeth faster, and therefore you must protect your teeth by reducing everything that works to change their color. caffeine […]

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