All on 4 Implant Procedures

1) Lack of teeth in either the upper or lower jaw.

2) The implants used are of special type and helps to avoid any extensive procedures such as the sinus lifting or ramus surgeries.

3) Avoids any vital structures as the mandibular nerve or the nasal sinus.

4) Provides great function on eating or talking

5) Fixed in position rather than conventional removable dentures.

6) Optimum aesthetic restoration.

1) After diagnosing the patient using the digital 3d x-ray, the specialized operator selects the implants to be placed according to available bone’s height and width, nasal sinus position and vital structures approximation.

2) Impression of the upper and lower jaw are taken before the procedure and sent to the lab to construct the temporary healing restoration.

3) The dental implants are then virtually positioned in their future positions on the digital scan and shown to the patient.

4) Surgical guides are then created using computers to help in implant placement and positioning.

5) The patient is then prepared for the implant placement procedure using pain free approaches and advanced implant technology to ensure maximum comfort.

6) In the all on 4 procedures, four dental implant are placed in each jaw with two in the anterior region and two in the posterior region. The posterior implants used are angulated implants that avoid any vital structures such as the nasal sinuses or the mandibular nerve.

7) After placing all implants in both jaws the gums are sutured back in place and the healing process begins.

8) The Patient then wears the temporary healing restoration for a period of time until the implants are completely stable and Osseo integrated.

What makes us Special?
1) Patients are prepared psychologically before every treatment by sitting in a comfortable dental chair with their favorite TV show running in front of them and by listening to their favorite playlists.

2) Shiny white dental center was awarded the International Star Award “Golden Category” from Geneva, Switzerland which is the most Elite Quality award to be granted in the Middle East.

3) Sterilization and Disinfection are done according to the Guidelines of the American Dental Association.

4) Dental implants used are the most elite implant system in the Middle East and in the world, Straumann, the no.1 leading German implant technology which has completely surpassed all the other American or Korean implants. Straumann ensures optimum Osseo integration in the bone in the fastest time possible with high success rates unlike the American and Korean implants.
They are made from pure titanium that enables the bone to grow within its structure to provide stability and durability which prevents any further bone loss.

5) Drills used to place the implants are of high quality with great effect which prevents any heat generation during the drilling procedure therefore precluding swelling and pain after implant placement. Dull or blunt drills nowadays used by many dentists is the main cause of implant failures and bone loss.

6) The connection between the implant and the abutment (superior structure) is made in a way to prevent screw loosening or Crown rocking which can be frustrating and irritating.

7) Completely Pain free procedure during and after the implant placement.

8) Paves the way for esthetic crowns placement for a more natural appearance without the remarkable gray line under the crowns as seen in other types of implants.
– Grey line from other implants
– without grey line from German implants

9) A combination of our dental implants and esthetic crowns provide an astonishing change to the facial appearance and restores your juvenile looks.