Many people suffer from tooth loss, whether due to diseases or accidents that led to tooth loss, and with the simplicity and ease of solution, with the presence of dental implants, but many people ignore to compensate for their lost teeth, and therefore you must before making a decision, know the risks of not compensating the tooth or the lost tooth.

Neglecting missing teeth affects the shape of the face, causes difficulty in eating, impedes proper speech, and causes many major health risks that can’t be underestimated, including:

-Teeth tendency is adjacent to empty places.

-Inflammation of the gums when eating solid foods for a long time.

-Atrophy in the jawbone with a change in the shape of the face in case of tooth loss.

-Teeth corresponding to the missing tooth begin to fall out.

-The lost tooth affects the stomach and intestines when chewing food.

That is why you should not neglect the loss of teeth, you should hurry as much as possible to go to visit the dentist at Shiny White centers, as soon as possible for restoring the health and shape of your mouth.

What is the best place for dental implants?

The Shiny White Dental Center is one of the best medical centers specializing in dentistry in Egypt and the Middle East, has 4 branches, includes 33 specialized dental clinics with the latest advanced technology in the field of dental care, and won the first place in the Middle East from Isaac, Switzerland. In cases of complete oral rehabilitation, especially implantation (All on Four) with the German implant Medentika, ranked No. 1 in the world, with a success rate of more than 97%, and the Shiny White Center is distinguished by the fact that all doctors in charge of treatment in medical departments have at least a doctorate or master’s degree And members of the faculty of Egyptian universities.

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