The history of dental implant

Tooth loss affects the body in general, start from changing the shape of the face to difficulty eating and talking properly, but this wasn’t what the ancient Egyptians had in mind when the first attempt to put teeth replace of missing teeth appeared which has known recently as “dental implant”.

Let’s get to the question of how and when did dental implants start?

 In the past, it was believed that there was a resurrection after death and another eternal life. This belief raised fear within the ancient Egyptians that a person would emit some of his teeth, minus some of his teeth, and from here was the beginning of dental implantation before mummification in ancient Egypt and he was the first to be called a dentist in history was (HASSI RAI).

Move to the Maya tribes in Central America who practiced dental implants using wood implants, unlike the American Indians who used gold, either from the first and most famous dental implants at the beginning of the eleventh century at the hands of Abu al-Qa ssim al-Zahrawi, the first to use bull bones in implants to become the most famous surgeon In the Islamic civilization.

Either from Europe, it became famous in the 17th century for the transfer of teeth from the poor People to the nobles, up to the modern era and the beginning of the science of implanting teeth inside the jawbones in the 19th century in 1809, to complete the first process of implanting a piece of gold in place of the dislocated tooth, followed by many attempts using silver and lead.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, the first dental implantation was demonstrated in the scientific references by Green Field, and that was the beginning of the development of dental implants until sub-bone implantation appeared in 1947, the Italian Farmiga made teeth from titanium that were implanted in the jawbones, and Professor Prenmark also discovered that metal Pure titanium interacts with human tissues positively, helping to form bone around this mineral, and this is what was called later as “bone fusion.”

This is what was presented at the Harvard Conference in 1987 to make implantology within dentistry.

When did dental implants start?

Dental implants are the biggest development of dentistry because they dealt with the problem of losing teeth effectively and securely, through dental implants that replace old teeth, and dental implants are made of titanium because it’s the material that achieved bone fusion without feeling that it’s a foreign body.

What is the best dental implant in the world?

Medentika, implant, the no. 1 leading German implant technology, because it fits naturally with the gums, made of pure titanium, which ensures optimum Osseointegration in the bone in the fastest time possible with the high success rate, and this implant is only available at Shiny White centers, the best centers for cosmetic and dental implantation in Egypt and the Middle East.

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