Many people ignore the implantation of teeth to replace their lost teeth until they reach the point of losing most of the jaw teeth and exposing them to severe damage such as gingivitis, the decay of the remaining teeth, atrophy of the jawbones, until problems in the intestine and stomach due to chewing food incompletely.

The loss of teeth has immeasurable damages, and most of them notice a sagging in the face due to leaving the place of the teeth empty because the facial muscles working when the chewing process happened, so when the teeth are lost, the chewing process is stopped so that the facial muscles atrophy and the patient’s shape changes to become older.

Therefore, all dentists are advised to use dental implants, especially for those who lose all jaw teeth, to help them pronounce the correct way, not to be ashamed of smiling, to protect the jaw-bones from atrophy.

You can also use that all on 4 technology for full jaw implants, which means loading the jaw on only 4 implants, instead of loading 8 or 10 implants, which guarantees you many advantages that you only get, at Shiny White centers, the largest dental implant centers in Egypt and the East. Middle.

at Shiny White centers, we use the Medentika implant, which is a German implant that has the best design of implants in the world. The Medentika implant provides a type of implant that is slanted so that it can be implanted at an angle of 45 degrees, and its exit is straight, which allows a very large area of ​​bone to be loaded on, the one from (Medentika) replaces 4 regular implants so that 2 implants are in the back of the jaw with 8 implants and two straight implants in the front, which guarantees you many advantages like:

– Reducing the number of implants.

– Reducing the cost “replacing 8 implants with only 4 implants”

– You shouldn’t undergo any surgery, because the 4 implants are implanted using a computerized surgical guide

– Providing pain during and after the operation.

– Saving time, because the dental implantation process takes only 10 minutes.

Therefore, dental implants at Shiny White centers ensure that you will come out with teeth that have a natural and beautiful shape, permanent and fixed teeth that don’t fall while talking or eating, plus All on 4 technology is less in cost and more in advantages.

All on 4 technology, isn’t available anywhere, because it’s characterized by the professionalism you will find it only at Shiny White centers the largest dental implant centers in Egypt and the Middle East, to get a healthy dental implant without any defects or pain, Book your appointment now.


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