اهمال علاج قناة الجذر يؤدي إلي فقدان السن!

Tooth decay is the beginning of every disease, that may affect the teeth in the short term, when the caries increases, the bacteria increase with it over time and reach the heart of the “tooth/molar”,  the presence of bacteria with caries if not treated leads to infection or tooth abscess, so if you suffer If there is a constant pain in the tooth, the color of the tooth changes to a dark color and you feel difficult when chewing food, you must ensure the integrity of your nerve and that you don’t need root canal treatment.

What is the root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is a therapeutic method for cleaning the teeth from decay and bacteria, repairing a tooth that was damaged or contaminated instead of removing it. The damage occurs as a result of tooth erosion due to a large number of caries that penetrate the inner layers of the tooth and reaches the pulp, which is the inner layer in which nerves and blood vessels meet. Root treatment is the only way to treat this condition before tooth infection and bone tissue damage.

What happens if the affected endodontics is not treated!

If you are sure that there is an infection of the tooth nerve or molar, you must immediately undergo treatment, because if you avoid treatment, the tooth nerve is exposed to death, “The tooth nerve is a nerve that extends to the roots of the tooth that contains blood vessels and supportive tissue.” Therefore, neglect of treatment leads to the death of the nerve and followed by loss of sense of age, which leads to several problems:

– The patient does not feel pain if the immunity is weak.

What happens if the affected root canal treatment is not treated!

-Formation of fatty cysts – or a tumor under the tooth.

-Difficulty chewing food.

-Swelling and swelling of the tooth.

-An abscess.

All of the above resulted in tooth damage and fall or removal by the dentist to treat the aforementioned, and therefore you must immediately undergo the root canal treatment and save your teeth from damage.

The best place to treat a root canal?

Root canal treatment is more than 95% effective, only at Shiny White centers, the best medical centers specialized in dentistry in Egypt and the Middle East, through root canal treatment you protect yourself from the risk of infection, decay, and the spread of bacteria, which maintains the health and safety of your teeth.

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