How to fix crowded teeth

One of the most problems that negatively affect the beauty of the face and the smile is crowded teeth that occur for many reasons, the most common

of which is the overlapping of the teeth, which occurs as a result of the enlargement of the teeth outside the mouth, which leads to their accumulation and the emergence of teeth automatically because there is not enough space to accommodate all the teeth, or the small size of the jaw Which leads to crowding the teeth and their emergence as well.

Among the causes of crowded teeth:

Reasons for crowded teeth

-Narrowing of the space required for the emergence of teeth.

-Loss of a tooth at an early stage.

-An error occurred in one of the dental restorations.

-Adopting bad habits such as (thumb sucking)

Damages that occur when ignore the treatment of crowded teeth: –

-Easily exposed to decay and gingivitis due to the difficulty in maintaining dental hygiene.

-Teeth are exposed to fracture and fall due to the stress on them.

-Impeded proper chewing.

-Difficulty getting speech out properly.

What is the best treatment for crowding teeth?

Orthodontic treatment is the best and surest way to treat the problem of

Do Orthodontics Help with Crowded Teeth?

crowding of the teeth, and orthodontics is the only eternal solution because orthodontics work to gradually move the teeth from their place so that the teeth become consistent and straight without any defects.

What is the best place for orthodontics in Egypt?

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– Get a beautiful, consistent, and healthy teeth appearance.

– Talk more clearly.

– Ease of chewing food and brushing teeth, which protects you from tooth decay phobia, and gum problems because symmetrical teeth are easy to clean.

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