How dental implants are performed in Shiny White centers

Dental implants are considered an alternative solution to replace lost teeth in the mouth, as they replace old teeth, it’s worth noting that neglecting missing teeth affects the shape of the face, causes difficulty in eating, and impedes proper speech, causes many major health risks that can’t be underestimated, Such as (the tendency of adjacent teeth to empty places – the atrophy of the jaw bone with a change in the shape of the face in the event of tooth loss – the teeth corresponding to the missing tooth begin to fall)

That is why you should not neglect the loss of teeth and rush to search for the best place for dental implants as soon as possible and restore the health and shape of your mouth.

What is the best place for dental implants?

The Shiny White Dental Center is one of the best medical centers specialized in dentistry in Egypt and the Middle East, and it has 4 branches, and includes 33 specialized dental clinics with the latest advanced technology in the field of dental care, and won first place in the Middle East from Isaac, Switzerland. In cases of complete oral rehabilitation, especially the implantation of (All on Four) with the German implant Medentika, ranked No. 1 in the world, with a success rate of more than 97%, and the Shiny White Center is distinguished by the fact that all doctors who treat medical departments have a doctorate or a master’s degree at least And members of the faculty of Egyptian universities.

How to implant teeth in Shiny White centers?

As for the method of dental implantation in Shiny White centers, we start by making sure of your general health through a comprehensive examination, to ensure the health of your teeth and the density of the jaw bone to ensure the success of the implants inside the jaw and if any health problem is found, it will be dealt with before starting the implantation, after making sure of your safety. Health Implanting the tooth is the easiest and safest method.

First: We prepare the appropriate place for the implant to place the Medentika implant made of titanium in place of the lost bone

Steps of dental implants in Shiny White centers

Second: Bone fusion, where the jawbone and implant heal, followed by the placement of temporary crowns until the implants are installed and the permanent makeup is put in place to get a wonderful appearance and a complete smile.

With Shiny White centers, dental implants without pain and the success rate are up to 98% to last with you for nearly 25 years, but taking into account the patient’s concern for his health and his interest in cleaning his teeth and taking good care of them, to get the best results, dental care, and oral cleaning must be done regularly.


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