Caffeine the most common causes of yellow teeth

Teeth change color due to several factors, but the most common are drinks that contain caffeine, gradually changing the color of the teeth and neglecting their hygiene causes the continued development of the yellowing process of teeth faster, and therefore you must protect your teeth by reducing everything that works to change their color.

caffeine isn’t the only reason of tooth discoloration:

– Cigarette smoking. Tobacco, whether smoked or chewed, contributes to tooth decay.

– Excessive drinking of caffeine (tea and coffee).

– Lack of healthy dental care, which leads to the formation of tartar, plaque, and other deposits.

9 Reasons for yellow Stains on Teeth

– Assumptions about the use of toothpaste that contains fluoride.

– Breathing through the mouth, not the nose, which leads to dry mouth and insufficient saliva.

– Eating unhealthy food.

– Frequent intake of antibiotics.

– Some diseases may contribute to changing the color of the teeth, affecting the enamel, “the hard surface of the teeth.”

– Eating more carbohydrates and sugars.

All of these factors lead to yellowing of the teeth, and therefore all dentists recommend cleaning the teeth at least every 6 months.

How to whiten teeth at Shiny White centers:

– The dentist at Shiny White Centers begins a dental cleaning session to remove lime plaque on the tooth wall.

– Putting a protector on the gums to avoid getting the gums from getting


– Applying the bleaching material to the teeth appropriately and evenly to obtain a whiter and uniform tooth color.

To get clean, beautiful teeth with natural radiance in one session, you must go to the best place for cleaning and whitening teeth in Egypt and the Middle East.

We welcome you to Shiny White Centers.


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