Bad breath (causes and solution)

Bad breath is one of the most common symptoms that alert you there is something wrong in your mouth, and you must visit the dentist as soon as possible to avoid complications, but at the beginning, let’s first know the reasons that lead to the emergence of bad breath.

Reasons of bad breath:

1 / Food

Food residues accumulated in the mouth, whether inside or around the teeth, cause bad breath, especially foods that contain Essential oil such as onions, garlic, and others.

After digesting these foods, the fats that cause mouth odor are absorbed into the circulatory system and from here they reach the lungs and then come out through breathing until it is completely removed from the body, and here is bad breath.

2 / Dry mouth

 The saliva in the mouth helps to clean the mouth constantly and when the mouth is dry, dead cells accumulate on the gums, on the inside of the cheeks, and the tongue and these cells rot and cause bad breath.

The causes of dry mouth are due to several reasons, such as smoking or taking certain medications, disturbances in the glands, and usually, dry mouth exacerbates when sleeping with the mouth open.

3 / Dental problems

Insufficient attention to oral health and dental hygiene causes many dental diseases due to the accumulation of food residues in the mouth and the germs accumulating on it, and from here the bad breath is released from hydrogen sulfide and thus a transparent layer of germs is formed on the teeth that cause some infections in the gums that lead To decay of the teeth and reach the occurrence of bags full of facets between the teeth and the gums.

“Plaques” are sticky deposits that have no color, but when they accumulate, they turn a brown or pale-yellow color. They are also known as microbial plaque. These bacterial germs are one of the main causes of dental contamination, gum disease and the occurrence of abscesses.

How to prevent bad breath

Cleaning the teeth after every meal to prevent the formation of food.

Dental problems | Bad breath

– Drink extra water.

– Tongue scrub and clean.

– Completely clean the gums.

– Change the toothbrush every 3 months at least

– Take a regular and regular checkup at the dentist

Therefore, when you feel the bad breath, you must go to visit the doctor at Shiny White Walkers and make sure of the safety of your oral health.


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