5 Most Common Dental Problems in Children

There are many dental problems that children can face, especially the milk teeth, and the deciduous teeth are temporary teeth that appear from the sixth month of the child and their appearance may be accompanied by some pain. One of the most common mistakes that parents make is neglecting the cleanliness and health of their children’s teeth, their belief that the teeth Milk is not important compared to permanent teeth, but the importance of the milk teeth is due to helping the healthy growth by chewing food well and it forms the path for permanent teeth to grow correctly

Among the most common problems that afflict children’s teeth and should be treated immediately:

1 / Tooth decay is one of the most common dental diseases and the main cause of damage to our children’s teeth. The causes are:

Tooth decay (causes and solution)
  • The mother’s negligence to clean her child’s teeth during breastfeeding due to the presence of a percentage of sugar in milk that leads to tooth
  • decay if the mouth is not cleaned.
  • Eating large amounts of sweets, especially those that stick to the wall of the mouth and cause tooth decay.
  • Children neglecting to clean their teeth after every meal, which leads to the accumulation of foods in the mouth, which also leads to tooth decay.

All the previous factors lead to decay of the primary teeth and the need to remove them, and here there is an imbalance in the prominence of permanent teeth, which leads to the growth of the teeth in an incorrect position. Therefore, attention must be paid to the cleanliness of the milk teeth and protection from tooth decay so that the permanent teeth grow healthy.

2 / Oral infections: During childhood, the oral tissues are easily exposed to penetration by microbes due to the sensitivity of the tissues and the low percentage of keratin that covers the tissues of the mouth, and in the case of neglecting oral hygiene constantly, infections occur that may cause a gum abscess.

One of the most common causes of oral infections in children is the child’s placing of foreign bodies inside the mouth, which leads to infection of his tissues and stomatitis.

3 / Loss of teeth: many reasons lead to children losing their teeth, whether due to tooth decay – accident – lack of space in the jaw – biting on solid materials.

In this case, the dentist recommends having a space maintainer.

Children need space preservatives to preserve the spaces between their milk teeth if they lost them early, or they were removed due to decay and dental infections, and there are two types of (space maintainer) the dentist at Shiny White Centers determines the best fit for your child and removes the device as soon as the Permanent teeth begin to appear.

Advantages of distance keepers for your child:

Dental space savers for your child

Not satisfied with the gums – Simple in design – Inexpensive – Easy to clean – Preventing the contralateral teeth or displacement of the adjacent teeth – Not hindering the permanent eruption of the tooth – Not hindering the normal growth and development of the jaws – Not obstructing speech and chewing.

Dental Space Keepers at Shiny White Centers have future healthy teeth for your child.

4 / Acid erosion of teeth: One of the most dangerous dental problems because it leads to the erosion of the enamel layer, which affects children’s teeth and makes them more sensitive, the causes of this erosion are due to the child’s assumptions of eating sugars, drinking a lot of juices and soft drinks.

5 / Finger sucking: It is one of the most common habits of children and causes many dental problems. Therefore, mothers must prevent their children from this bad habit to avoid the following:

  • A Tilt of the upper teeth.
How to prevent the habit of finger sucking!
  • The front teeth protrude in the upper jaw.
  • The occurrence of spaces between the teeth.
  • Pushing the front teeth back in the lower jaw.
  • One of the problems that children suffer most due to thumb sucking is the “open bite” mismatch of the upper and lower teeth together.
  •  Speech problems.

The solution to all thumb sucking problems is the installation of orthodontics, especially for children, to get a consistent and healthy tooth appearance, talk more clearly, ease chewing food, and clean teeth, and you can benefit from the orthodontic service at Shiny White Centers.

At Shiny White centers, we have pediatricians, who specialize in solving all problems that your child’s teeth may face.

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