To get strong and healthy teeth, you must first pay attention to their cleanliness, as the World Health Organization has emphasized the need to clean the teeth every 3 months at least once, to get rid of the bacteria accumulated in the mouth, and to remove the plaque layer to protect the teeth from decay.

Teeth cleaning is one of the most important healthy habits that a person must follow because it protects the body from many diseases, and there are at least 13 benefits for cleaning teeth.

1/Prevents tooth decay.

2 / It prevents gingivitis, receding, and bleeding.

3 / Protects teeth from loosening.

4 / It removes the color changes that occur to the teeth as a result of too much caffeine.

5 / Restores the teeth to their natural and original color.

6 / Eliminates bacteria that are stuck in plaque layers.

7 / The presence of inflammation and decay in the teeth leads to the occurrence of infections in other organs, such as the brain, and causes Alzheimer’s disease, and therefore your continuing to clean your teeth prevents infections.

8 / Keeping teeth strong and healthy helps to chew food better.

9 / Fights gum pimples resulting from the accumulation of tartar, which leads to loose of teeth and later falls.

10 / Removes deposited plaque layers.

11 / The mouth gets rid of bad odors resulting from the accumulation and growth of bacteria in the mouth.

12 / It protects the body from many diseases in the long term, as gum disease affects the body in general because cleaning the teeth well protects against heart disease because bacteria in the mouth enter the body through bleeding gums and cause strokes and infections.

13 / Teeth cleaning improves oral health and gives freshness.

Teeth cleaning is an easy and simple process, so we must not neglect it. You promise is to simply brush with a toothbrush and visit the dentist at Shiny White centers to remove the lime accumulated on the teeth and maintain your health, as hygiene is a simple procedure but it is a protection for you from long-term diseases


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