Is General Anesthesia safe for your children?

It is difficult to control the movement of children, especially young ones, and forcing them to sit committed to not moving, to avoid accidentally injuring them. Therefore, general anesthesia for children is considered, the best solution to treat all children’s dental problems, so that your child doesn’t feel any pain.

What is the general anesthesia?

General anesthesia is a group of drugs that cause the patient to lose consciousness and be in a sleep-like state, to help perform a specific surgery without feeling any of the pain.

Benefits of anesthesia for children:

Is Anesthesia Safe for children?

– Making the child unaware while undergoing surgery.

– Maintains blood pressure.

– Keeps heart rate steady.

– Maintains the rate of stress hormone secretion.

– It is completely safe for children from the age of two and a half years and over.

Is general anesthesia harmful to children?

All the major studies conducted to date have confirmed that one-time general anesthesia is not accompanied by any deterioration in children’s brain functions and does not have any complications that may affect the health of children later.

Total anesthesia is the best solution for treating children’s dental problems, because it guarantees your child’s comfort, at Shiny White Centers we don’t use it, except after full confirmation of the child’s health condition, the dentist determines the appropriate dose for his health condition and age, and all international health organizations have proven that anesthesia for a child is not harmful to his health, beginning at the age of two and a half years.

Advantages of general anesthesia for children at Shiny White Centers

  • Solve the problem in one session and don’t need to go to complete it again.
  • Your child doesn’t feel any pain.

To ensure the safety and health of your child’s teeth, you can book now to get the benefit of the services of Shiny White Children’s Dental Centers.


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