10 tips to protect your child from tooth decay

10 نصائح لحماية طفلك من تسوس الأسنان!

Tooth decay is a major cause of all dental problems, especially children’s teeth, so you should take into consideration that caring for your children’s dental health is the beginning of their having strong, and healthy teeth in the future and that what you will known after you read this article how to protect your child’s teeth.

For that reason, Shiny White Centers make interest in the health of your children’s teeth to protect them from tooth decay, you have to follow the following tips:

  1. From the birth of your child until the age of 12 months, you must maintain a clean mouth by cleaning the gums with a cotton towel gently until the first teeth appear and washing them using a soft baby toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste
  1. Starting from the 12th to the 36th month, your child’s teeth should be brushed twice a day for at least two minutes and continue with the same toothpaste until the age of 3 years, and it’s preferable to brush the teeth after breakfast and before bedtime.
  1. Not giving a bottle to the child during sleep and make your child drink from a regular cup, as it is recommended to teach the child to drink from a regular cup when he is 3 years old because the cup reduces the chance of fluid gathering around the teeth.
  1. Reducing the number of sweets and sticky foods, because they harm the child’s teeth, and it’s recommended to eat these foods only during lunch.
10 ways to prevent tooth decay
  1. Taking care of the child’s nutrition and taking care to eat foods rich in iron such as liver, sesame, vegetables, and meat, and avoiding drinking drinks that hinder the absorption of iron in the body, such as tea.
  1. Not to drink more juices, especially for children under 6 months, and in the case of children drinking juice before they reach 12 months, the amount must be reduced and diluted with water
  1. Visiting the doctor at the end of the first year to examine his teeth and determine his special needs and factors that may affect the health of his teeth.
  1. That the child’s diet is balanced and reduces the rates of sweets and chocolate intake and the rates of starchy materials such as rice, pasta, and potatoes.
  1. Taking care of the cleanliness of the baby teeth, as any injury to its roots leads to making its place an unsuitable environment for the emergence of permanent teeth in the jaws, and if the baby tooth is lost due to decay, it may lead to the appearance of the permanent tooth in an oblique manner, which subsequently causes the accumulation and crowding of the permanent person and thus the occurrence Abnormalities in shape, problems with chewing food, speech and tongue movement.
  1. Care to brush the teeth twice a day and not to leave food residues between the teeth.

What are the symptoms of tooth decay in children?

-The child feels pain in the teeth and sensitivity when eating something cold or hot

-The presence of a bad smell accompanied by a bad taste in the mouth

-The appearance of black or brown spots on the teeth

What is the best place for pediatric dentistry?

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